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Category Archives: Fossil fuels

Aviation – a Climate Change villain…

With the new Sustainable Global Goals and a fresh Paris Agreement we have almost 200 countries (“out of 206”) in support of an ambitious agenda to save this planet. Now it’s up to many industries, organizations and corporations to show … Continue reading

Stranded Assets or DIV€$TM£NT…

When the Fossil Free Movement is arranging Global Divestment Day on February 13 and 14 more than 400+ events are taking place all around our Planet. Media outlets like The Guardian are calling it “The fastest growing divestment campaign ever.” This … Continue reading

We need CHANGE, not fine-tuning…!

…when my father grew old he devoted at lot of his time to handicraft and woodwork – I never once saw him use a sandpaper to change one of his works, only to fine-tune it… “Our Business-as-Usual is Sustainable; we … Continue reading

Who is the real enemy to progress…?

Quite often Environmentalists and people who advocate Sustainability are accused for being against development and progress – Nothing could be more wrong! It doesn’t take much arithmetic or high-level thinking to realise that with a maximum “emissions-budget” of 565 gigatons … Continue reading

You are defined by your actions, not by what you say…

Lately there have been a number of reports and studies clearly showing that most corporations are failing to take any considerable steps toward a Sustainable future. (Link to previous article) This is truly disheartening and extremely worrying. “What gets measured … Continue reading

Bubbles don’t crack slowly – they burst!

A burning planet “or” scorched economies… In recent weeks there have been a lot of reports and articles on this theme – almost as if there is a choice… Whatever idea, whatever opinion, whatever calling you have in life, it … Continue reading

A Soaring Curve!

Undoubtedly we will pass 400 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere this year – an all-time high, a World Record that no one will salute! A record and a curve, that our children and their children will show us and … Continue reading

Fossil Fuels – At any cost??

Recently I read about “Petcoke” – something I have heard about but never paid much attention to before. And as it seems, I am not alone. Petcoke is a carbonaceous solid derived from oil refinery coker units or other cracking … Continue reading