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Monthly Archives: March 2013


Polar bears are getting the worst of it. Being a large predator at the top of the food chain doesn’t help much when the world’s largest predator is hunting for more resources, infinite growth and more wealth…. Polar bears depend … Continue reading

The Eiffel Tower Green-Wash…

Is it really true that One hour at the Eiffel Tower in Paris is equal to 6 minutes in the rest of the world? Earth Hour 2013 I had the opportunity to be in Paris at the “Esplanade du Trocadero” … Continue reading

CCCXXXVI Months in a row…..!

February 2013 was the 336th consecutive month of above-average global temperatures… This is not a trend, not a coincidence, not a fortuity – it is a CRISIS! 336 months equals 28 years and brings us back to 1985 – Remember what … Continue reading

Is standardization an obstacle on the road to a sustainable world?

Yes! – It can definitely be an obstacle. Many corporations invest a lot of time and effort into complex processes describing how their business should be carried out. Many have also brought these processes to certification according to ISO or … Continue reading

A Soaring Curve!

Undoubtedly we will pass 400 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere this year – an all-time high, a World Record that no one will salute! A record and a curve, that our children and their children will show us and … Continue reading

The “Amazing” Art of Self-Denial…

Anyone ever attending a seminary or a work-shop on the subject of Change, regardless if it is based on Claes Jansens illustrative “The Four Rooms of Change” or some other theory on human behaviour, knows how good we are at … Continue reading

Sending the Right Message!

Sometimes when I look in a newspaper, at a billboard or a commercial it is quite amazing how little has changed when it comes to conveying a Sustainability message. Are corporations still using mainly “Old School” approach….or is it something … Continue reading

Clean Water – a scarce resource?!

A “Blue Planet” Normally when looking at pictures of our Planet, it seems very blue and whenever you are standing at a shore-line, looking at the sea, it seems incomprehensible large. Therefore when you read articles about sea-level rise, acidification, … Continue reading