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Monthly Archives: November 2013

And we are supposed to be the “superior species” on this planet…

During the last weeks in the aftermath from the COP19 in Warsaw I have read about countries refusing to send ministers to the meeting and instead sending people apparently wearing T-shirts and gorging on snacks throughout the critical negotiations, a … Continue reading

You are defined by your actions, not by what you say…

Lately there have been a number of reports and studies clearly showing that most corporations are failing to take any considerable steps toward a Sustainable future. (Link to previous article) This is truly disheartening and extremely worrying. “What gets measured … Continue reading

Is it a New type of Sustainable ”Diet” or “Workout”…?

One week it is the 5:2 diet, next week it is the LCHF, then the Atkins-diet and the Cambridge-diet… there is an abundance of them – what about a method that not only is good for you but also for … Continue reading