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Category Archives: Change

Sustainable Development Goals – the most important agenda ever!

  “We are in deep shit!” – these words from a student after I had presented an outspoken key-note about Sustainability and Climate Change made me wonder why we constantly are reminded not to be to open or to specific … Continue reading

Inspiration has No Limits…!

Whenever cheaters like VW, HSBC, Monsanto, Exxon or Lance Armstrong are disclosed, voices are raised to institute more and firmer laws and regulations, to increase supervision and compliance testing etc – but is this really the right or the best … Continue reading

A new beginning…

COP21 in Paris is over, 196 countries reached on December 12th an historic international agreement outlining the ambition and the way forward towards a new Sustainable future… The “Paris Agreement”. On September 25th the UN General Assembly adopted resolution A/Res/70/1… … Continue reading

“Average” – a Sustainable Role model…

… It is probably a bit presumptuous to think that everybody, will live a life equal to all in Every aspect – it is possibly not even a desirable scenario… What we should aim for is to get everybody closer to … Continue reading

A Sustainable Nudge…

Have you ever heard the expression… “…a push in the right direction” Maybe it is not more difficult than that… to move in a Sustainable direction. It’s a little bit like rolling a large boulder, the toughest part is to … Continue reading

Just begin…

Do you really need a detailed plan for everything you do? …then becoming Sustainable is probably the biggest challenge you will ever encounter. Of course there is a need to make plans, but in today’s increasingly fast-changing global society, the need for … Continue reading

A little closer to a Sustainable World…

Nobody knows exactly where we are going, and nobody knows what the journey will be like – the only thing certain is that unless we move to create a Sustainable existence on this planet, we are screwed…! The extent of our … Continue reading

Break the Unsustainable pattern…

Have you ever really thought about why you do the things you do in life? Most people would argue that they do things based on their own decisions and that they are in charge. …is that true? I am not … Continue reading

Is the “Auto-pilot” correctly set…?

When I did my mandatory military service in the early 80-ies, I spent almost a year at the Swedish Air force aviation academy – not as a pilot though… A couple of times I was invited by the flight instructors … Continue reading

Reality Check – are you “in Touch”…?

…have you ever heard the expression – “Living the fairy-tale” … I always thought it was a way to embrace or talk about visions and dreams – never did I believe that it could be widely used to describe a common … Continue reading