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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Ignorance is NOT Bliss…

From time to time business-people “complain” that all these sustainability-measures are so costly, sometimes with an added “…and for what?” Sometimes corporations and executives try to avoid the subject, addressing Sustainability as a “hygiene-factor” or an “already integrated part of … Continue reading

Is it still the right way? – Our Social “Perpetuum mobile”…

I suppose it is quite normal that societies set up systems in a way that somehow promote and “safeguards” a continuous evolution in the “right way”…. Only question; Is it still the right way? At the start of democratic movements, did … Continue reading

Bubbles don’t crack slowly – they burst!

A burning planet “or” scorched economies… In recent weeks there have been a lot of reports and articles on this theme – almost as if there is a choice… Whatever idea, whatever opinion, whatever calling you have in life, it … Continue reading

Less Unsustainable is NOT EQUAL to more Sustainable!

We need to set the Math right! Quite often there are commercial messages and communication from corporations, stating different variations of “being more sustainable” – On a packaging using less plastic, on a car with lower than average CO2-emissions, on … Continue reading

Sustainability Reports – Are they positive for the Planet or just a “Smokescreen”?

At this time of a year there are always a lot of Annual reports issued, Financial reports and Sustainability reports. Having studied some recent sustainability reports makes me wonder – What´s the point? The only purpose seems to be to show … Continue reading

Incinerating resources – Is there Any excuse for it…?

In our current linear economy of ”Take-Make-Dispose” there is a built-in contradiction. Most people don’t want increasing amounts of waste, but at the same time most people “agree” that we “must have” economical growth – Isn’t there a missing link … Continue reading

Incremental change is not the way – we need Transformation….

Have you heard about the “not so succesful” salesman who, if he only could get; the right brochures, the right presentation, the right manual, the right back-up and the right… – He was certainly going to sell…! We – the … Continue reading

Are we promoting the Wrong things…?

The “Western lifestyle” is extremely focused on consumption and we are pushing hard to increase consumerism and spread it all over the world. Even as we start to consider sustainability, most corporations and governments promote sustainable products and services but at … Continue reading