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Sustainable Development Goals – the most important agenda ever!

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We are in deep shit!” – these words from a student after I had presented an outspoken key-note about Sustainability and Climate Change made me wonder why we constantly are reminded not to be to open or to specific about Climate Change and the enormous challenges we are up for – “people might take offense, or get a bad conscience”

Every other big and urgent issue like migration, the war in Syria, ISIS, Panama-papers, equal sexual rights, shootings etc. is perfectly OK to talk about, but not Climate Change…

Is it that we are a bit ashamed of what we have accomplished? Is it that we are caught with our “pants down” by the generations that will suffer the consequences of our behavior, or is it simply that we really don’t know what to do about it.

“Nothing strengthens authority as much as silence!”

Leonardo da Vinci

Although silence is a very weak form of consensus, tacit acceptance procedures are frequently used. It means that if you don’t comment, you agree.

If we don’t dare to openly talk about Climate Change with whatever inconvenience it might bring, business-as-usual will prevail and that will definitely put an end to life as we know it.

Wikipedia on “Silence and Consensus”:
“Consensus can be presumed to exist until voiced disagreement becomes evident.”

Evolution have told us that we should learn and build from the knowledge of previous generations. But when it turns out that the “revered” lifestyle of current and previous generations is about to destroy the foundation for our very existence…
…We shouldn’t talk about it…??

Where are all the wise words and quotes about “Learning from your mistakes”, “Only people that sleep makes no mistakes” and so on… it is time to use them!

We really need to talk about it – and learn!

A sense of urgency…

We have all been told the “Boiling frog story” – how a frog can be boiled if it is put in cold water which is then gradually heated. While if you put the frog in boiling water it will immediately jump out. And although contemporary biologists states that the premise is false, the metaphor is still valid.

www.sorenandersson.comAnother similar metaphor is the “Sorites paradox” – how many grains of sand can you remove from a heap and still call it a heap…

The moral of these metaphors is that slow change hardly get us to react. We just adapt slightly and move on with business-as-usual.

Today we need urgent and comprehensive change to deal with Climate change – starting with a pan filled with cold water is not the right response!

In the same way; making small convenient adjustments on Business-as-usual isn’t the way forward either – the heap of urgent issues is still there. – We need transformation!

…but most of all, we don’t need more “silence”!

Compliant or Inspired…

Humans tend to be “slow-starters” or perhaps you can call it “lazy” – most of us are rather unwilling to change. (…even if many of us like to think of ourselves as “change-willing”, when asked)

www.sorenandersson.comOften it boils down to two alternatives. Either you become so inspired about something new that you embrace change.
Or an issue becomes so urgent that there is literally no other alternative then to rapidly change and comply with the new demands.

If you ask me personally, I think it is so much more fun and much more rewarding to act on inspiration then it is “to comply with” …

And there is one more thing – while compliance only can be executed until its done, Inspiration has No limit!

Read more on this topic in this previous post: “Inspiration has No Limits…!

The Sustainable Development Goals

Now there is an inspiring agenda with No limits available, an agenda with tough challenges but also with extreme opportunities and rewards.

It was agreed on September 25th 2015, by 193 countries from all corners of the world, it doesn’t care about religious faith, political opinion, sexual orientation, gender or complexion, and it is available for all.


The SDG includes 17 Goals with 169 Targets, to start with – All it takes is that we talk
about it, get inspired and take action.

The SDG have been around for almost a year now but are still quite unknown in our society.
They deserve better – there is also a lot of information, tools and resources available – just click the picture above and learn more about them.

www.sorenandersson.com”- If you go out on the street, it is hardly a soul that knows what the Sustainable Development Goals are. Although it is the main agenda in the world to secure our long-term prosperity. ”

Johan Rockström / Professor Stockholm Resilience Centre

Listen to Johans “summer-pod” –  HERE or HÄR(SWE)

Don’t hesitate, stop the “hush-hush” – tell everyone, discuss it with people and Get going!

Let’s make SDG the Megatrend that REALLY matters!

PS: …don’t just sit around and wait to see what you eventually have to comply with – then you’ll miss out on the fun and inspiring part!

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