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Incremental change is not the way – we need Transformation….

Have you heard about the “not so succesful” salesman who, if he only could get; the right brochures, the right presentation, the right manual, the right back-up and the right… – He was certainly going to sell…! We – the … Continue reading

Are we promoting the Wrong things…?

The “Western lifestyle” is extremely focused on consumption and we are pushing hard to increase consumerism and spread it all over the world. Even as we start to consider sustainability, most corporations and governments promote sustainable products and services but at … Continue reading

CCCXXXVI Months in a row…..!

February 2013 was the 336th consecutive month of above-average global temperatures… This is not a trend, not a coincidence, not a fortuity – it is a CRISIS! 336 months equals 28 years and brings us back to 1985 – Remember what … Continue reading

Is standardization an obstacle on the road to a sustainable world?

Yes! – It can definitely be an obstacle. Many corporations invest a lot of time and effort into complex processes describing how their business should be carried out. Many have also brought these processes to certification according to ISO or … Continue reading

The “Amazing” Art of Self-Denial…

Anyone ever attending a seminary or a work-shop on the subject of Change, regardless if it is based on Claes Jansens illustrative “The Four Rooms of Change” or some other theory on human behaviour, knows how good we are at … Continue reading

Sending the Right Message!

Sometimes when I look in a newspaper, at a billboard or a commercial it is quite amazing how little has changed when it comes to conveying a Sustainability message. Are corporations still using mainly “Old School” approach….or is it something … Continue reading

First money…and then what…?

Some people and corporations seem to think that if they only talk a lot about something specific – then something specific will happen…automatically? On a workshop event some time back a rather high ranking (I think) executive took a slide … Continue reading

We don’t have a Climate Change crisis – We have a Human Society crisis!

Just recently I viewed a debate on Climate-Change at the Swedish parliament – and I wonder, is it only me that can see the “Elephant in the room”? Most of the debate was focusing on weather Sweden is doing enough … Continue reading

“Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire!”

This quote by Confucius has been used in many, many variations and in endless situations in the past – let’s bring it into the Anthropocene. The latest version of the quote that I come to think of, goes like this … Continue reading

Is CSR consistent with sustainability?

A Reflection! “The essential characteristic of social responsibility is the willingness of an organization to incorporate social and environmental considerations in its decision making and be accountable for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment” … Continue reading