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Sustainability is not a destination; It is a way of life!

Let’s establish a fact! Sustainability is core business; It is not something put together by a company’s PR-department! I recently read an article focusing on which company had the best CSR-report… without ever mentioning the different companies’ core businesses (!) … Continue reading

A sustainable pension – can I have a cookie and at the same time eat it?

A recent report from “The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries” show that many investors ignore future resource constraints, driven by climate change! Do you want this man to be responsible for your pension-funds? A comprehensive look at what global investors … Continue reading

Smog – just “breathe” the word!

You have probably already seen the recent pictures from Beijing – what to say? The picture shows how we “meet the need of the present…” what about the latter part of the UN-report “…without compromising the ability of future generations to … Continue reading

Sustainable – All those difficult choices…

The most common question I get when making speeches or lectures is: What should I do then – How can I be more sustainable? If I had the perfect answer to that, in a society as complex as ours – … Continue reading

Climate-driven Migration – Can we handle it?

Last year you could read about the small Republic of Kiribati trying to buy land on the Fiji-islands and drawing up plans to move their population (105,000 p), as the sea water level continues to rise. Kiribati, which has been … Continue reading

History is not repeating itself…

We are living in transitional times – thank God for that… Otherwise we probably would be running around with phones made ​​of bakelite with rotary dials in our pockets – can you imagine the size of your pockets… We would … Continue reading

Climate-Change and the skeptics!

Although there are less and less skeptics, they still exist and what is even stranger they somehow manage to get more media-space then the research-based realists. I don’t know, but could there be some “hidden” reason about who owns the … Continue reading