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Stop the distraction – move into Action!

During the last couple of weeks there have been numerous articles on the subject of “G4”, the latest version of the Global Reporting Initiatives reporting system for “sustainability” reporting – to some, this may give the perception as if  “Sustainable … Continue reading

What is MY purpose in a sustainable world?

In some earlier articles I have tried to emphasize on the “problem” with incremental change, in relation to Sustainability. Here’s a new attempt. Often when we talk about change, many people start by defining where we are, not seldom describing … Continue reading

Rapid Transition…

Earlier this week the CO2-level at Mauna Loa passed the 400 ppm barrier – for most people it passed by as a small news item hidden among others, while in some newspapers it actually reached the front page. Next day … Continue reading

Less Unsustainable is NOT EQUAL to more Sustainable!

We need to set the Math right! Quite often there are commercial messages and communication from corporations, stating different variations of “being more sustainable” – On a packaging using less plastic, on a car with lower than average CO2-emissions, on … Continue reading

Incremental change is not the way – we need Transformation….

Have you heard about the “not so succesful” salesman who, if he only could get; the right brochures, the right presentation, the right manual, the right back-up and the right… – He was certainly going to sell…! We – the … Continue reading

The Eiffel Tower Green-Wash…

Is it really true that One hour at the Eiffel Tower in Paris is equal to 6 minutes in the rest of the world? Earth Hour 2013 I had the opportunity to be in Paris at the “Esplanade du Trocadero” … Continue reading

The “Amazing” Art of Self-Denial…

Anyone ever attending a seminary or a work-shop on the subject of Change, regardless if it is based on Claes Jansens illustrative “The Four Rooms of Change” or some other theory on human behaviour, knows how good we are at … Continue reading

Sending the Right Message!

Sometimes when I look in a newspaper, at a billboard or a commercial it is quite amazing how little has changed when it comes to conveying a Sustainability message. Are corporations still using mainly “Old School” approach….or is it something … Continue reading

Earth Hour – a conscious Blackout…

March 23, 8:30 PM, it’s time to shut down the lights as a manifestation for the environment. This is a great campaign for our planet, joining people from all around the globe – Join in! “That’s one small step for … Continue reading

Transparency is the New WYSIWYG!

Years back the IT-industry gave us a new abbreviation – WYSIWYG – “What You See Is What You Get!” At that time it was used to describe the transformation of word processors from simple “code-editors” into user interfaces that not … Continue reading