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Category Archives: General

A “Lagom” lifestyle – We must urgently reduce our Footprint…

Abundance, affluence, luxury – words closely interconnected with the lifestyle currently promoted as desirable by the western civilization, or rather, by medium to high income people according to Gapminder and Anna Rosling Rönnlunds latest tool “Dollar Street“… When WWF published … Continue reading

Illusions, straight out Lies or Facts, what‘s it going to be…?

With a staggering increase last fall, in the wake around the American election, a general impression is that the significance of FACTS has become more and more challenged and watered down – in favour of “alternative facts”, “perceived truth”, “opinions”, “biased interpretations” … Continue reading

Once You Know – There is No Way Back!

Once you know the facts about the precarious situation humanity and life on this planet has arrived to when it comes to Resource scarcity, Social inequality and Climate Change, there is No Way Back! The situation will not disappear by itself, the … Continue reading

What goes around, comes back around – Circular Economy…

Isn’t it rather simple really…? If you add too much or remove to much from a circular system, it will eventually spin out of control or break down. Nature solved this issue millions of years ago and through evolution it has … Continue reading

Sustainable Development Goals – the most important agenda ever!

  “We are in deep shit!” – these words from a student after I had presented an outspoken key-note about Sustainability and Climate Change made me wonder why we constantly are reminded not to be to open or to specific … Continue reading

Inequality didn’t just happen… It was Created!

…replacing “Old ways” with similarly flawed “New ways” isn’t going to help, is it…? Two recent sets of data: Since the Great Recession in 2008, Global Debt has increased by $57 trillion, outpacing world GDP growth, and is with $199 Trillion … Continue reading

DEMOCRACY for sale – Free Trade Agreements…

…I always thought it spelled DEMOCRACY, but apparently it spells “DEMOCRAZY“… I am quite fond of a system where all people have an equal opportunity to get their voice heard, a system of government in which all the people of a state or … Continue reading

Inspiration has No Limits…!

Whenever cheaters like VW, HSBC, Monsanto, Exxon or Lance Armstrong are disclosed, voices are raised to institute more and firmer laws and regulations, to increase supervision and compliance testing etc – but is this really the right or the best … Continue reading

A new beginning…

COP21 in Paris is over, 196 countries reached on December 12th an historic international agreement outlining the ambition and the way forward towards a new Sustainable future… The “Paris Agreement”. On September 25th the UN General Assembly adopted resolution A/Res/70/1… … Continue reading

Cheating is a Choice – Not a mistake…!

… can we now expect a tsunami of cheats that will be revealed… is it the end of CSR? Do you remember him, the bicycle-athlete who deceived everybody during most of his career – Lance Armstrong, or the sprinter Ben Johnsson, or Justin … Continue reading