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Does money make people “immune” to everything?

During the last couple of weeks the big fossil-fuel companies have been posting their 2012 economic reports, in most cases boasting higher profits than ever – Economic “BOOM”.
At the same time the climate change is creating havoc with droughts, flooding, fires, storms and heat waves all around the world – Environmental and Social “RECESSION

Boom & Recession

And still, many of the fossil-fuel companies pour tons of money in the pockets of lobby-organisations and politicians to help pushing to keep their tax-breaks, to avoid stronger regulations on pollution and to enhance climate-denial – is there no end to GREED?

Is everything and everyone for sale? Continue reading

Sustainability is not a destination; It is a way of life!

Let’s establish a fact! Sustainability is core business; It is not something put together by a company’s PR-department!


I recently read an article focusing on which company had the best CSR-report… without ever mentioning the different companies’ core businesses (!) Not long ago there was also an article about the launch of a new Pan-European CSR Award scheme. Continue reading

A sustainable pension – can I have a cookie and at the same time eat it?

A recent report from “The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries” show that many investors ignore future resource constraints, driven by climate change!


Do you want this man to be responsible for your pension-funds?

A comprehensive look at what global investors are thinking, found out that while there is no question that resources will be squeezed in the future, asset managers did not consider this in their decision-making process. Continue reading

+0,8 °C – And we are the cause!

Not even funding from one of the biggest climate-deniers could distort the fact that we – the people – are the major cause for global warming!

source: www.scitechnol.com

source: www.scitechnol.com

The decadal land surface temperature from BEST average (black line), “compared to a linear combination of volcanic sulfate emissions (responsible for the short dips) and the natural logarithm of CO2 (responsible for the gradual rise) shown in red. Inclusion of a proxy for solar activity did not significantly improve the fit. The grey area is the 95% confidence interval.”

“The Conversion of a Climate-Change Skeptic”

In July 2012, Richard Muller, BEST’s Founder and Scientific Director, published a NY Times article,  which concluded; Continue reading

Fossil Fuels – At any cost??

Recently I read about “Petcoke” – something I have heard about but never paid much attention to before. And as it seems, I am not alone. Petcoke is a carbonaceous solid derived from oil refinery coker units or other cracking processes. I checked this a little more, turns out it is frequently treated as a “residue-product” and therefore it is not included in the same regulatory-procedures as fossil-fuels….?

Alberta Tar sands

Alberta Tar sands, photo: AP

Alberta Tar sands – Now with +13% extra CO2-emissions

When looking at the extraction of tar sand in Alberta, Canada and also in the Orinoco river basin, Venezuela, it seems that even though the extraction of these fossil-fuel resources by themselves results in a much higher CO2-emission per litre of useable oil then “traditional” oil, the residue-product has not been included in the equation!? Continue reading

Energy to the masses…

When the European commission made a survey last fall about air quality and environmentally friendly energy options they made 25,525 telephone interviews in all 27 EU states. One question they asked was: “Thinking about the next 30 years, which of the following energy options do you think should be prioritized now in your country?”

Picture: 350.org

Picture: 350.org

Seven out of ten Europeans answered Renewable Energy Sources!

This is really good – Let’s do it, Let’s build it!

Can we learn from others? Continue reading

Smog – just “breathe” the word!

You have probably already seen the recent pictures from Beijing – what to say? The picture shows how we “meet the need of the present…” what about the latter part of the UN-report “…without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”? When I think of it – it doesn’t meet the need of the present especially well either.

beijing smog

The pollution in a city is usually measured by weight of small particles present in the air per cubic meter. These small particles are often referred to as PM2.5 particles or the particles small enough to deeply penetrate the lungs. World Health Organization (WHO) specifies 25 micrograms of PM2.5 particles per cubic meter as the safe limit.

Residents of China’s capital city Beijing are facing one of the worst air pollution these days with 993 micrograms of PM2.5 particles present in one cubic meter of air. This figure works out to be 40 times the safe limit specified by WHO. Continue reading

Waste no time!

I get annoyed about all the waste we produce. Although I sort the waste from our household in 9 different fractions since many years, the total amount seems to be constant.

Does this mean that we are at the peak of what is possible…?

Illustration by Lorne Craig for WeHateToWaste.com;

Illustration by Lorne Craig for WeHateToWaste.com;

I have a friend that drives a truck, delivering milk and dairy products to grocery stores. He told me that when he arrives at some stores he often meets employees with shopping carts full of bread that is thrown into a garbage container – explanation was that the best before date had been exceeded. Having seen this a number of times he asked again, because it seemed to always be a specific type of bread in the carts – explanation then was; that specific brand has a set-up where the store, in order to have two high volume popular products on their bread-shelf, had to order a specific pre-set variety from the producers range (some issue about “branding”) regardless if you were able to sell it or not… So, in this case, for every five loafs of bread sold there is one extra pre-destined for the dustbin….? In a world where almost 1 Billion people struggle every day to feed their families. Continue reading

Sustainable – All those difficult choices…


The most common question I get when making speeches or lectures is:

What should I do then – How can I be more sustainable?

If I had the perfect answer to that, in a society as complex as ours – I would qualify among the geniuses of our time. I would most likely win the Nobel-prize, or probably all of them…

Therefore My answer is – Learn more!

“…Pick up the brain from the desk-drawer and put it to work…”

There is no easy answer on this one and there are no short-cuts or quick-fixes. Continue reading

Climate-driven Migration – Can we handle it?

Last year you could read about the small Republic of Kiribati trying to buy land on the Fiji-islands and drawing up plans to move their population (105,000 p), as the sea water level continues to rise.


Kiribati, which has been designated a UN World Heritage Site, consists of a number of low coral islands with a total area of 811 km2 (60% the size of Swedish island “Öland”) With a continued sea level rise, increasing acidity in the water affecting the coral reef and erosion they are very vulnerable to the ongoing climate-change and sea-rise. This is an example of something we are going to experience at a much larger scale in the nearby future.

Climate-driven Migration.

People living in lowland areas will have to evacuate to higher grounds. The same goes for people in areas more disposed to drought etc. How can our society handle this? Continue reading