The Human Quest – On the Book Fair…

Today when I visited the “Göteborg Book Fair”, wandering around among thousands of visitors and exhibitors I found it! Somewhere I had read that there was a new Swedish book about sustainability on the market, and there it was.

Standing in a showcase flipping between the pages contemplating whether I should buy the Swedish or the English version, a voice stated in the speakers that Johan and Mattias where just about to start the launch of their new book – 45 seconds later, sitting in the front row I really enjoyed the presentation.

The book I am talking about is of course:

 “The Human Quest”

by Johan Rockström and Mattias Klum.

The Human Quest Vår tid på jorden

Now, late in the evening, I have only had time to browse through the 319 pages – fantastic pictures and a lot of very updated and recent information.

It’s definitely a book I recommend – put it on your Christmas wish list…

The benefit of buying it on the book fair is of course that you can get it signed and that you get a chance to talk with Mattias and Johan….