Does money make people “immune” to everything?

During the last couple of weeks the big fossil-fuel companies have been posting their 2012 economic reports, in most cases boasting higher profits than ever – Economic “BOOM”.
At the same time the climate change is creating havoc with droughts, flooding, fires, storms and heat waves all around the world – Environmental and Social “RECESSION

Boom & Recession

And still, many of the fossil-fuel companies pour tons of money in the pockets of lobby-organisations and politicians to help pushing to keep their tax-breaks, to avoid stronger regulations on pollution and to enhance climate-denial – is there no end to GREED?

Is everything and everyone for sale?

Some figures from economic reports currently available from 4 of the “Big Five”:

Fossil-Fuel Companies, Economic Report 2012

DataExxonMobilChevronRoyal Dutch ShellConocoPhillips
Profit$ 45 bn$ 26.2 bn$ 27 bn$ 8.4 bn
Annual tax breaks$ 600 m$ 700 m$ 200 m$ 600 m
Federal tax13 %19%-18 %
Stock Buy-Back> $ 5.3 bn-> $ 1.7 m> $ 5.1 bn
Lobbying etc.> $ 15.7 m> $ 13.4 m> $ 14.4 m > $ 4.4 m

More than $ 100 (EUR 73) billion in combined profits, more than $ 10 (EUR 7,3) billion to the main shareholders and more than $ 47 (EUR 34,4) million in lobbying expenditure – and that’s only 4 of the big one’s!

Why is it that we – the people – just sit back, accept the greed, accept that they “buy” politicians to promote their standpoints and accept that our earth gets destroyed and billions of people not even can get away from hunger?

Around 2.5 billion people live on less than 2 $ (EUR 1.46) a day while Exxon CEO, Rex Tillerson earns $ 67,671 (EUR 49,596) every day(!) – But I suppose money also creates immunity to  empathy for others.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed”

Mahatma Gandhi

Why can I be fined for littering when big companies get away with destruction?

The fossil-fuel companies can without hesitation plunder our planet on its resources and don’t even need to worry that they are fined for the pollution (CO2) they create – incredible – and they even get tax-breaks for doing it!!

Is there an exclusive “club” where these companies join forces to exploit and tap the planet and the people. A “club” where they decide on their own rules as they go along? Looking at the infograph and the statement by George Kirkland, Chevron, below – makes one wonder.
HSBC was apparently even so big that they could get away with money-laundering because the US government considered it too big to prosecute (?)

Is this for real? – I have seen really good and thrilling movies with less intrigue and complexity than this!