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Why wouldn’t we want to have a positive impact on the world…?

As a “possibilist” I am triggered by the idea of having a positive impact and moving things forward, so when I recently saw the TED Talk by IKEA CSO, Steve Howard – “Let’s go all-in on selling sustainability” (Link) – … Continue reading

One step changes everything…

Once upon a time when we took our first steps in life – we really risked everything, we didn’t even know what a step was, and although we might have seen grown-ups around us moving in a totally different manor … Continue reading

Increased Debt and decreased GDP – Is that some new “smart” economic logic…?

A system with fatigue…? Having looked at some of the OECD-statistics, trying to understand a little more about current economic development within the OECD-countries – I don’t get it… When I combine data from Governmental debt, Debt held by citizens … Continue reading

Fiat-Currency and Climate Change are competing to the cliff – The “winner” takes it all…

It is amazing how people always return to “single issue” thinking, whenever things become complex – we try to see/solve things “one at a time”, without any or little interconnection. Last couple of weeks there has been some debate on … Continue reading

While arguing about diagnose and treatment – the “patient” died…

Climate Diagnose… Last week the IPCC published its latest report on our climate. The scientist community is now even more certain that the planet is warming and that CO2-emission from human activity is the main cause. And although these facts … Continue reading

Don’t tell me about Sustainability – Show me!

Storytelling is one thing – telling fairy-tales is another… Humanity is currently facing the, without doubt, toughest challenge ever, stakes are extremely high. Telling fairy-tales and cheating on our next generations at such a serious moment is not what you … Continue reading

NIMBY – the ”convenient” approach to Sustainability…

Not in my back yard (NIMBY) is an approach used by many – the further the distance the less interesting, or “intimidating” something is… and some things, people apparently don’t want to see in their backyard… When there is a … Continue reading

Why is Flying out of the Sustainability discussion…

We live in a Global society where people and products continuously criss-cross the planet, but we seem to constantly exclude, or at least forget to mention, one of the means for this transportation in the sustainability discussion. > 1,700 Airlines … Continue reading

The planetary ‘piggybank’ is broken… So what?

On August 20th, “World Overshoot Day” passed by, relatively unnoticed – some editorials here and there, some “honorable mentions” on the TV-news – but mostly regarded and treated as a curiosity… and now it is yesterday’s news, quickly forgotten… Dear … Continue reading

What if there is no Box…

Have you also heard the cliché one time to many…? I suppose it is some kind of human urge – to box things in or to put them in silos. Maybe it is some kind of unconsciously hidden “Taylorism” deep … Continue reading