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Money Talks… but what are they saying?

“Money Talks” – is probably one of the most worn-out expressions in the phrase book. Quite often the phrase is used by money-focused people to dismiss or terminate any discussion, especially discussions arguing that there are other values to life … Continue reading

Reality Check – are you “in Touch”…?

…have you ever heard the expression – “Living the fairy-tale” … I always thought it was a way to embrace or talk about visions and dreams – never did I believe that it could be widely used to describe a common … Continue reading

We need CHANGE, not fine-tuning…!

…when my father grew old he devoted at lot of his time to handicraft and woodwork – I never once saw him use a sandpaper to change one of his works, only to fine-tune it… “Our Business-as-Usual is Sustainable; we … Continue reading

We all live “downstream”…

Except maybe for a very small amount of indigenous people, we all live downstream of human activity – a fact that makes it even more incomprehensible – The way we treat our planet… We are getting used to air-pollution alarms … Continue reading

Is Inflation a “threat” to a Sustainable future…?

The other day I read in an article that IMF chief Christine Lagarde urged the euro zone to “fight persistently low inflation”. This made me curious about Inflation, why is it so important that we actually should “fight for it” – … Continue reading

A free market – Free at “ANY” price…?

For decades we have been told the idea that an unregulated free market is the best solution for “everything”, and that the common rule of “demand & supply” is applicable everywhere and is in fact the “only” regulation necessary… Well … Continue reading

Abundance must surely be a human right …

It is fantastic how much change we can easily accept – “As long as it does not affect me”… Nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits. Mark Twain Once we have acquired a habit, regardless if it is a … Continue reading

We are not ”Human resources” – We are Human beings…

On my holidays I always try to include some extra time to read and I actually read two books this Christmas, “Too much happiness” by the excellent Alice Munroe, and a very good book by Neela Bettridge & Philip Whiteley, … Continue reading

Is it a New type of Sustainable ”Diet” or “Workout”…?

One week it is the 5:2 diet, next week it is the LCHF, then the Atkins-diet and the Cambridge-diet… there is an abundance of them – what about a method that not only is good for you but also for … Continue reading

The planetary ‘piggybank’ is broken… So what?

On August 20th, “World Overshoot Day” passed by, relatively unnoticed – some editorials here and there, some “honorable mentions” on the TV-news – but mostly regarded and treated as a curiosity… and now it is yesterday’s news, quickly forgotten… Dear … Continue reading