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Who is the real enemy to progress…?

Quite often Environmentalists and people who advocate Sustainability are accused for being against development and progress – Nothing could be more wrong! It doesn’t take much arithmetic or high-level thinking to realise that with a maximum “emissions-budget” of 565 gigatons … Continue reading

Sending double messages – Deception, Greenwash or what…

The Planet doesn’t really care about Emissions per Capita, does it – I think it is more interested in the accumulated total emission… Question: If each product or service I produce is a little more environmental friendly and causes a … Continue reading

We are not ”Human resources” – We are Human beings…

On my holidays I always try to include some extra time to read and I actually read two books this Christmas, “Too much happiness” by the excellent Alice Munroe, and a very good book by Neela Bettridge & Philip Whiteley, … Continue reading

Being Passive or Neutral is not an option…

Emissions, dominantly caused by industrialism, have so far increased our planets average temperature with +0.8 °C. If we shut down CO2-emissions totally, right now, the average temperature will continue to rise to approximately +1.6 °C due to the systematic “delay” … Continue reading

And we are supposed to be the “superior species” on this planet…

During the last weeks in the aftermath from the COP19 in Warsaw I have read about countries refusing to send ministers to the meeting and instead sending people apparently wearing T-shirts and gorging on snacks throughout the critical negotiations, a … Continue reading

You are defined by your actions, not by what you say…

Lately there have been a number of reports and studies clearly showing that most corporations are failing to take any considerable steps toward a Sustainable future. (Link to previous article) This is truly disheartening and extremely worrying. “What gets measured … Continue reading

Is it a New type of Sustainable ”Diet” or “Workout”…?

One week it is the 5:2 diet, next week it is the LCHF, then the Atkins-diet and the Cambridge-diet… there is an abundance of them – what about a method that not only is good for you but also for … Continue reading

Why wouldn’t we want to have a positive impact on the world…?

As a “possibilist” I am triggered by the idea of having a positive impact and moving things forward, so when I recently saw the TED Talk by IKEA CSO, Steve Howard – “Let’s go all-in on selling sustainability” (Link) – … Continue reading

One step changes everything…

Once upon a time when we took our first steps in life – we really risked everything, we didn’t even know what a step was, and although we might have seen grown-ups around us moving in a totally different manor … Continue reading

Increased Debt and decreased GDP – Is that some new “smart” economic logic…?

A system with fatigue…? Having looked at some of the OECD-statistics, trying to understand a little more about current economic development within the OECD-countries – I don’t get it… When I combine data from Governmental debt, Debt held by citizens … Continue reading