And the Silence prevails…

shh-dont mention the climate

Recently I have read articles arguing that we should not talk too much about the Climate and Climate-Change because people suffer from “climate-fatigue” or a bad “environment-conscience”…

It’s almost like a scene from the English sitcom ”Fawlty Towers” – you know the one where Basil (John Cleese) urges everyone “not to mention the war” – just because he is, for some reason, afraid that it could intimidate their German guests…and then he is of course the one who, really puts his foot in his mouth…
(If you haven’t seen it – follow this Link to see one of the scenes. 1:54 min)

At the same time the constant and much more “high-pitched” commercial messages of “Buy, Buy, Buy”, Soap/reality-series like “The Apprentice” and the Fortune 500 list about the most profitable companies on the Planet are not challenged at all, in fact they get front-pages, headlines, prime-time and even a lot of editorial space everywhere.

What is happening here?  – “Hey folks, we are on the verge of crossing a tipping point into catastrophic climate change, that will irreversibly change our planet and the basics of our existence as a society! – But don’t mention it

…a Planet completely different to ours…

Take a look at this article in the Guardian on the latest scientific paper by Prof James Hansen, the former head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the world’s best known climate scientist, if you are still uncertain of the urgency. (Link to article)

Could it somehow be the other way around?

There is a constant flow of arguments in the media, in movies, commercials and even in politics, that if you are super-ambitious, super-slender, super good-looking, super-rich, a multiple-task player, work-out athlete, and, and – then you are to be looked upon as succesful and THE role-model for our society – anything less is a deficiency

…a deficiency, that of course can be “cured”, if you only buy this or that.

Riots-burningCould it be that the outbursts of young people rioting and burning cars, or revolts in various countries are triggered because people actually feel a bit “trapped” and that their personal “route” to achieve the “successful role-model”, described earlier, seems so long and crooked that there is, in reality, no way they are going to make it…

…and the only road-map provided is the one constantly broadcasted through all channels…

Could this actually be what the “fatigue” in our society is about, that the pressure on people to “achieve” has eventually become too high, and that “Climate-Change” as the newest “issue” is the drop that makes the “bowl” overflow…and therefore also gets “the blame”?

It is also convenient to blame Climate-change, since all “profiteers” of the current set-up do whatever they can to promote “Business-as-usual” and the strength and diversity of their message is already established over time, in so many channels that it is practically unavoidable.

I am not a scientist or a psychologist and reality is of course so much more complicated, but could this be a reason?

In that case – why is it the Climate and Climate-change we should stop talking about – the survival of our society and our generations to come must be a far more important issue to discuss than whether women should be more “slender-looking”, whether the car-industries production is “increasing nicely”, the virtue of how “excellent” the Fossil-fuel-company’s profits are increasing or who is currently heading the list of the 100 richest on the planet…

A Swedish “bad” example:
Almedalen, welcome_2013The yearly event “Almedalen Week” in Visby, a political and democratic opportunity-week focusing on “societal issues”, is often the “kick-off” for election-campaigns and other statements from the parties in the Swedish parliament. With an upcoming election to the EU and our parliament next year the different parties used the opportunity to air their respective “main standpoints” being:

“Employment, Creation of jobs, Facilitation of increased enterprising, Chemicals, Freedom, Openness, School, Democracy, Good order in the economy, Stimulus to increase growth, Equality, Feminism and Profiteering from Social services.”

These are almost the same issues that have been on the political agenda in Sweden for half a century – not one of the parties brought “Climate Change” or the issue about “excessive consumerism” to the agenda – it is almost as if they haven’t realized that if there is no planet, none of these other questions matter, but…shh, Don’t mention the climate
(Link to previous article about the Social “Perpetuum Mobile”)

There might be a solution…

What if the role-model could be changed?

maslows-hierarchyBased on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which state that human motivation is based on people seeking fulfilment and change through personal growth it is amazing how many people have interpreted everything into money…
Once you have fulfilled your physiological needs and reached a decent level of safety and security, where money plays an important role, the rest of our needs can often be met with or without money depending on how we decide to value things in life – or how our society decide for us…

I.e. it is difficult to buy true friendship or respect of others, experiences doesn’t have to include money and spontaneity cannot be bought…

Suppose we could establish a new role-model that is not only about “Buy, Buy, Buy”, a role-model with a little more balanced level of ambitions and ideals, a role model with a more humane “specification” and at the same time with less strain on the resources of our planet.

Could such a “role-model” solve more than the climate-issue? – What is your opinion…

Martin LutherA new role-model cannot be achieved unless we increase the debate in Society – Being quiet is not an alternative!

We need to bring this question to the agenda in every political meeting, in every board-room, in every office, in every factory, in every school and home – regardless the reaction.

This is a question that really Matter!

My question to you is:

Are you willing to become that new role-model?

…to be a “Discussion-starter”, an Ambassador for a new set of values, to make your voice heard, and to show people that once you have fulfilled your physiological needs and reached a decent level of safety and security, money and BUY, BUY, BUY is  not the only way to success!

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  • Peter Murphy

    Our Earth is so much a system yet to be understood. The Sun is the source of all energy and as the latest species to be dominant on our planet our so called awareness makes us SURE we are killing off our environment. Well sometimes I think that is exactly what everything has done across our horizons and over them. We just don’t see the big picture and can only live for our timeframe.
    Fire begat steam …steam begat power power begat industrialisation industrialisation begat commerce begat pollution pollution begat enterprise begat ?
    We will find a way I am sure to sort this out….maybe it part of our evolutionary process ?
    Perhaps we move on to another plane or dimension ?
    Are we just evolving ?
    All questions we cant answer but what a great challenge and journey,we need hope for the future not doomsayers.